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About Us

Hi there and welcome to the website of, we have been a small group of Lego fans for many years and we would like to share our expertise in the hobby.

Our Goals for the Bricks Collectors Site Are:

Expand the knowledge about all the different Lego sets available to buy, both in terms of fun, playability and future investment and collectable aspect.

In order to grow as a site we are using partnerships with online sellers to bring you all the latest bricks building deals and special offers, so you don’t miss anything.

Spread the news about Lego and building collectable bricks to all the fans out there and build a community around the worldwide beloved Lego franchise.

Disclosure: we get small commissions from every valid sale online as affiliates, and we will dedicate all the money right into the site to grow and expand it.

Some Extra Information About Us

Why did we decide to open the bricks collectors community?

Our passion for the Lego building bricks over the years, reached a point where we all agreed it is time to share our information and push the Lego hobby to the next level.

How many years of lego experience do we have?

On average we have 26 years of Lego experience and counting.

Did we play the Lego games as well?

Of course yes, we have almost every Lego game ever made in our joint collection, and  we still enjoy playing together all the latest Lego video games out there.

If you would like to get in touch with the bricks collectors team you are welcome to check the contact us page for all the information.