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Lego Fender Review (21329)

Lego Fender 21329

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Lego Fender Information Table:

Number of Pieces:1074
Set Number:21329
Release Date:June 2021

Get to Know the Lego Fender

Get ready to rock with this classic Lego musical instrument, the Lego Fender 21329 is the latest Lego building bricks take on the iconic fender guitar design.

This Lego fender set is modeled after the legendary rock guitar from the 70’s, along with the Princeton amplifier.

What Are You Getting in a Lego Fender?

Lego Fender comes with several items to build and display, starting with the Lego fender amplifier that connects to the fender Lego guitar.

The guitar itself has a specific Lego strap to mimic the original design, and as a neat bonus you can switch the colors of the guitar body between classic red and black versions.

And to top this Lego building set up you will have a Lego guitar stand to display the guitar on in the best way possible.

Building the Lego Fender Set

Getting the Lego fender set built is pretty easy and can be done by anyone who is taller than the actual guitar.

I enjoyed my time building the Lego guitar, the model is well made and looks amazing on a display shelf.

With only 1074 pieces you can be pretty amazed there is so much you get from this Lego set, the guitar body switching gives you the option to showcase your favorite color and change it anytime you want.

Should You Get the Fender Lego Set?

Continuing with the Lego ideas great iconic items, the fender Lego is another successful set that can be enjoyed by both Lego and music fans.

Getting the fender in my opinion is a must for any music and rock fan out there, the fender is an iconic music symbol that was used by some of the most iconic rock musicians in the world.

If you like music, rock, cool design pieces or Lego fan you will surely enjoy your time with the Lego fender Lego set.

You can use the link below to get your own logo fender building set and keep the party going.