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The Best Lego Mario Gift Guide

The Lego Mario Toys

Lego Mario sets are a collaboration between the most iconic Nintendo mascot, to the highly popular Lego building bricks.

The Mario Lego set or the Super Mario Lego set is a playable toy made from Lego bricks. The interactive Mario Lego toys can be built together and played as an obstacle course just like the original Mario games.

In every Mario Lego set you will be playing with iconic Nintendo figures such as Mario, Luigi and Peach and interact with the obstacle course.

Lego Mario Sets

Lego Mario Sets to Buy for Gifts

Now we can go over some of the Lego Mario sets you can buy for your own collection or as a great Lego gift idea.

To play with the Lego Mario toys, you will need one of the base starter kits that include playable characters and many more extra stuff to build and play.

From that point onward, you can expand your Lego Mario sets as you like.

lego mario starter

The Lego Super Mario Expansion Sets

Along with the classic Lego Mario toys you will be able to expand and improve your gaming experience with the Lego Super Mario expansion sets.

The Lego Mario expansion sets are unique playable Lego Mario skins that can change the way playable Lego toys can interact with the built brick world.

Imaging them like power ups and unique collectable items only for the Lego Mario toys.

below you can check and buy some of the most iconic Lego Super Mario expansion sets:

lego yoshi

New Lego Mario Sets to Get

There are constant new Lego Mario sets coming out every year, and in order to collect them all you will need to keep up with all the latest expansions.

Getting all Lego Super Mario sets can be a very fun experience, because every single Mario set is compatible with all the others.

Getting new Lego Mario sets can literally expend your playable options and variety.

to get the new Lego Mario sets you can use the button below to find and buy all Lego Mario sets, with seasonal deals and ever expanding stocks.

The Uniqueness of the Super Mario Lego Toys

The things that make Mario Lego toys come to life is not just the imaginative design and iconic characters, It’s the way you are able to interact with the Lego.

Each main character can collect coins and make sounds when stepping on interactive bricks. such as enemies, power ups and more.

The Lego Super Mario toys are operated with 2 triple A batteries that make the toys come to life. You can replace the batteries by removing the lower part of the Mario toys to expose a small screw. Once removed you can change the batteries and get back to the action again.

Now you have all the information and options to find the Best Lego Mario Gifts and toys.