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Gifts for Lego Lovers

There are many options when picking Gifts for Lego Lovers, in this gift guide we are going to take a look at some of the best options when looking to buy gifts for Lego fans and collectors.

Below you can check some of the main gift categories that will be suited for any Lego lover both young and adults.

Best Gifts for Lego Lovers

Lego Gifts by Price and Budget

In case you are looking for some cool Lego gifts and you are on a budget you can take a look at the options below to get some ideas what to buy.

Please note that Lego prices vary on a daily basis, and some can jump in prices as time goes by, so grab the Lego deals while you can.

Gifts for Lego Lovers $5

When it comes to Lego gifts under 5 dollars the options are very limited, you will be able to get small amounts of pieces if any, and the items under $5 usually sell out fast.

Below you can see some examples of gifts for Lego lovers under $5:

  • Dots Lego small decorative items
  • Lego keychains
  • Lego minifigures and promo sets

Gifts for Lego Lovers $15

Picking Lego for under $15 gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of gift ideas. There are some actual small sets you can buy, and there are even collectable Lego brick headz you can get for that price point.

Below you can see some examples of gifts for Lego lovers under $15:

  • BrickHeadz
  • Creator 3 in 1
  • Miniature Lego cars
  • smaller Lego sets
lego under 15 dollars

Gifts for Lego Lovers $50

Finding good gifts for Lego lovers under $50 is starting to get really fun. There are many more possibilities and the size of the sets is starting to be really interesting to build.

Below we will take a quick look at some great ideas for Lego under 50 dollars you can buy as gifts:

  • Lego star wars mini sets
  • Lego city medium sets
  • Speed Champions car models
  • Lego Bonsai Tree or decorative Lego flowers
lego under 50 dollars

After going over some budget Lego sets we will take a little detour, and take a look at unique items from the Lego world that might be the best Lego gifts.

If you don’t like to build Lego bricks, but you love to own some cool Lego items then the next section is just for you.

Non Lego Gifts for Lego Lovers

In case you are searching for some Lego themed items except Lego bricks, we got you covered.

The Lego brand comes in many shapes and colors, and you can see it in almost every day to day items.

Lego décor and non Lego gifts can also be exciting and fun to collect, and on the plus side they might even be more useful than a decorative Lego set.

Below we will take a quick look at some Unique Gifts for Lego Lovers, which are non brick sets:

There are plenty of Lego themed merchandise over the world and they would be great gifts for any Lego fan or collector.

The next section is going to be a gift guide for anyone looking for Lego sets by age groups.

Gifts for Lego Lovers by Age

In case you got a specific person in mind while looking to get a Lego gift, we have listed some great picks depending on the age groups.

Below you will be able to find gifts for Lego lovers according to their ages: Kids, Teens and Adults.

Gifts for Lego Lovers Adults

Choosing Lego gifts for adults can be a very fun activity. If a person is familiar with Lego it means he is able to build even the largest of Lego sets, with complex designs and instructions.

There are so many different Lego sets to choose from the difficulty comes from choosing the right one.

Below we will take a look at the best Lego gifts for adults and professional Lego builders:

Gifts for Lego Lovers Teens

When getting to your teens Lego is the best choice as a gift. You are able to build more complex Lego sets, the selection of ever-expanding sets keep the fun at maximum.

The most popular Lego brands are aimed at teens, so picking Lego gifts for teens might be the easiest thing to do.

Below you can see several examples of great gifts for Lego levers aimed for teens:

Gifts for Lego Lovers Kids

Getting gifts for kids who love Lego can be a bit restricted at times, the model needs to be relatively simple to understand, and the theme of the set should be appropriate and interesting to play with.

In any case Lego building bricks are one of the best gifts you can get to your kid, developing imagination and creativity over time.

With that said let’s take a look at some great gifts for Lego lovers aimed for kids:

How to Find Gifts for Lego Lovers

The Lego legacy and brand has so many options around the world, some of them might be the right gift idea for what you are looking for, and some need a bit more searching.

These days you are able to find almost everything online, so don’t hesitate to search for it.

If you haven’t found your preferred Lego gift idea above, You can use the button below to get to the latest Lego sets deals and hopefully find the best Lego gifts.

Hopefully you enjoyed this ultimate guide for cool gifts for Lego lovers.

There are plenty of options to choose from and there are more and more sets coming every month to keep collecting Lego fun.