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Lego Ship in a Bottle Review (92177)

Lego Ship in a Bottle 21313

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Lego Ship in a Bottle Information Table:

Number of Pieces:962
Set Number:92177
Release Date:February 2018

Get to Know the Lego Ship in a Bottle

Lego Ship in a bottle is a Lego set from the ideas collection. This ship model became an instant hit among Lego and non-Lego fans around the world.

Let’s check what are you getting from the Lego ship 92177 set in the section below.

What Are You Getting in a Lego Ship in a Bottle?

When getting the Lego ship in a bottle ideas set you will have a neat and small model of a Lego ship floating on tiny Lego bricks inside a bottle.

This set is not the largest but if you break it down to sections you will have the cool ship stand, the plastic bottle design and the mini-Lego ship.

If you are wondering how the building experience for this Lego ship in a bottle set is, check the rest of the review below.

Building the Lego Ship in a Bottle Set

Building the Lego ship set is definitely one of the most easy and fun experiences you can have. The set can be done in a short while from start to finish, all the steps were interesting and fun to follow.

With only 962 pieces, most of which are tiny bricks that are supposed to mimic the water inside the bottle, there actually isn’t much of a challenge to this set for Lego veterans. The beauty of this ship in a bottle set is that anyone can build it and enjoy it, no matter your Lego expertise level.

Should You Get the Ship in a Bottle Lego Set?

I had such a nice time building the Lego ship in a bottle. I was a little sad it was over so fast, but once you finish assembling this model together you will have a beautiful Lego ship inside a clear Lego bottle to display anywhere.

If you are thinking of getting one for yourself it would be wise, this set is perfect for house, office, or room displays. Also, the Lego ship model can be a great gift idea for anyone with a love of the sea or even a birthday present.

You can get your own Lego ship in a bottle model in the link below.