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Lego Globe Review (21332)

Lego Globe 21332

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Lego Globe Information Table:

Number of Pieces:2585
Set Number:21332
Release Date:February 2021

Get to Know the Lego Globe

The Lego Globe or Lego earth set is a cool interpretation of a vintage looking globe of the planet earth to showcase on a shelf.

The Lego globe gives a sense of vintage style to it, with a tiny navigational map arrow and a tiny ship like old school maps.

The stand features a nice name tag with “the earth” mini-map at the base, and the whole globe model is spinning around.

What Are You Getting in a Lego Globe?

In the Lego globe you will get a stand with a nice arch holding a big and blocky Lego spinning world map globe that will be a sweet centerpiece and decorative Lego design on a shelf.

Except that the main geographic locations are shining in the dark and that about sums it up.

Building the Lego Globe Set

When i got to build the Lego world globe model (21332), i found myself a bit disappointed, many of the steps to finish this globe are very repetitive and the map itself is a bit lacking in my opinion.

You will have to connect a number of 2585 pieces to get the finalized brick set. There is a lack of colors due to the simple and natural design of it.

Should You Get the Globe Lego Set?

This set is perfect for lovers of Lego, cool display items for offices and travelers. The Lego globe set is a cool decorative item for shelfs and offices, but except that the whole experience with it is not the best you can get from the Lego company,

There are several cool things about this set like the glow in the dark location names and the base and arch design. Except that the model itself is a bit shallow with lack of details and very repetitive build.

The finished end result is awesome like many other Lego sets, so check if this is something you really want to have.

If you are looking to get one for yourself you are welcome to get the building globe set in the link below.