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The Best Harry Potter Lego Sets

Harry potter Lego sets have a huge fan base all around the world, which makes them a very desirable and collectable item.

Besides the collectability aspect, Harry potter Lego sets have some of the best designs, with many magical and Lego secrets to uncover.

Most of the popular Lego harry potter sets include iconic Lego harry potter minifigures to play with.

Below we will take a quick look at the best harry potter Lego sets out there you can have.

The Best Harry Potter Lego Sets:

Harry Potter Lego Castle

LEGO Harry Potter Castle 71043
  • Number – 71043
  • Pieces – 6020
  • 4 minifigures + 27 micro figures for decoration

Let’s start off with the most popular Lego set out there, the Harry potter castle Lego set.

This is one of the biggest Lego sets you can build out there with over 6000 pieces that construct the iconic Lego harry potter Hogwarts castle.

In the Lego harry potter castle you will enjoy a massive reconstruction of Hogwarts castle, made entirely out of Lego bricks. The set contains 4 standard Lego minifigures and 27 micro figures to decorate the insides and chambers of the castle.

The harry potter Lego castle won the TOTY (Toy of the year award) for 2021, which makes this Lego harry potter set on top of many fans and collector lists.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons (Hedwig Statue)

LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig 76391
  • Number – 76391
  • Pieces – 3010
  • 3 minifigures

The Harry Potter Hedwig Lego Set is the best display item for any Harry Potter fan out there. This massive Hedwig statue can be displayed on any harry potter fan room or desk.

What makes this one of the best harry potter Lego sets is the amount of details and iconic harry potter items you can display in one Lego set.

Also known as the Lego harry potter owl set, or just Lego Hedwig. The whole purpose of the set is to combine many icons from the Harry Potter world especially for collectors looking for an impressive Lego centerpiece.

With the Harry Potter Hogwarts icons set, you will enjoy over 3000 Lego brick pieces and get 3 iconic Lego minifigures along to display next to the set.

Lego Books from the Harry Potter World

LEGO Transfiguration Class
LEGO Potions Class
LEGO Herbology Class
LEGO Charms Class
LEGO Divination Class
LEGO Defense Class
  • Numbers – 76382, 76383, 76384, 76385, 76396, 76397
  • Pieces – ranging from 250-290 for each one
  • 3 minifigures in each Lego book set (1 professor and 2 students)

The Harry potter Lego book collection is a set of miniature pop-up Lego books that shows several iconic moments from the Harry Potter world. Each Lego harry potter book is actually one of the classes you can take as a student in Hogwarts.

If you want to collect them all you might ask how many Harry Potter Lego books are there, as for now there are 6 kinds of Lego Harry potter class books (also known as the Hogwarts moment sets).

The Lego Harry potter moments are one of the best Lego sets you can have for a harry potter fan. Each one of the books has a unique story to tell and they just look so good on a shelf.

The Lego Harry Potter class books are a great starting point in the Harry Potter world. Each book is retailer at a pretty affordable price point and the collectivity aspect is definitely there.

Harry Potter Lego Chess Set

Lego Harry Potter Chess 76392
  • Number – 76392
  • Pieces – 876
  • 4 minifigures

Two unique ideas that make total sense, the Lego harry potter chess set is a wonderful idea, that takes the popularity of the harry potter franchise and takes them into the classic chess activity.

Lego harry potter chess set is one of the best Lego gifts for a Lego lover, harry potter fan or even a chess player.

With so much demand, it’s no surprise it is almost impossible to get one of the Lego chess sets for yourself.

The set contains close to 900 pieces and 4 iconic Lego Harry potter minifigures to collect.

Lego Harry Potter Diagon Alley Collection

LEGO Diagon Alley 75978
  • Number – 75978
  • Pieces – 5544
  • 14 minifigures

Finishing off with a huge Lego set, that became popular with harry potter collectors and Lego city modelers alike.

The Lego harry potter diagon alley set is one of a kind, containing 4 different buildings from the diagon Alley movie and books. The set is massive, containing over 5500 Lego bricks and can be displayed and combined in several ways.

Lego harry potter diagon alley is one of the best harry potter Lego sets you can get your hands on these days. With 14 minifigures to play with, this is definitely an easy recommendation for anyone who is a fan of building Lego modules and looking for some magical harry potter experience.


Collecting Lego sets can be a fun activity, you can build and play with all your favorite Lego minifigures from the movies and recreate iconic moments. The Harry Potter franchise is huge and so are the Harry Potter Lego sets.

Popular Harry potter sets fly off the shelfs pretty fast, so we would recommend keeping an eye out and get them while you can before they become retired sets.

We have gone over the best Lego harry potter sets in recent years, and each one of them is an easy recommendation. Getting harry potter sets is an amazing gift idea for Lego lovers all around the world and especially for dedicated harry potter fans.