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Lego Minifigures Factory

What is the Lego Minifigures Factory?

Lego minifigures factory is a service offered by Lego stores across the world, which lets you design and print your own personal minifigure.

Yes, you heard me correctly, you can go to several Lego stores and take part in a creation of your imaginary Lego minifigure for a small amount of cost.

How to Make Your Own Lego Minifigure

In order to make Lego minifigure in the factory, you will have to go to the store cashier and pay for a Lego minifigures factory kit. The Lego kit is basically a small colorful box with a unique chip inside you can redeem at the Lego minifigures factory machine.

The cost of the minifigure factory activity costs around $15 USD per one minifigure design.

lego minifigure factory design station

How to Start Building the Minifigure

Once you paid for the Lego minifigures kit, you can go to one of the stations across the store. The stations are basically a computer touch screen with instructions and a language selection.

To start, place the minifigures kit you just got on the barcode scanner, write your name so you can find your order quickly and get right into the design processes.

Designing Your Own Minifigure Factory Lego

Once you start you can design your own Lego minifigure. You are able to spin the Lego minifigure around and design the front and back of it.

There are 3 ways you can decorate and create the minifigure factory Lego:

  1. Drawing – you can pick a brush and color to draw anything you like on the Lego minifigure. There are options to choose the thickness of the brush or even a certain shape like circle, square and straight line.
  1. Typing – you are able to type any sentence or name into the screen, pick its color and font style to add onto the Lego minifigure torso.
  2. Stickers – finally you can use pre-designed iconic Lego items to add into the minifigure design, they act just like stickers you add to the minifigure body and most likely will be the best looking things you are able to add to the minifigure.

Besides the 3 main ways to design your own Lego minifigure, you can also pick from a large pre-selected torso design to start with a nice design idea.

designing your own lego minifigure

Once You Have Finished What’s Next

After you finish designing with the Lego minifigures factory, you can press “finish” on the screen to finalize your design and send it to the Lego printing machine.

The finished order will be sent to the professional print machine guy who will take care of handling the printing machine. It takes about 5 minutes once you approve the printing, to get the minifigure factory piece.

Once the Lego printing torso is complete you will be able to go and claim your minifigure design either by the name you input at the machine or by showing the barcode on the minifigure factory kit you got from the cashier.

printing lego pieces

Decorate Your Own Lego Minifigure.

By using the minifigures factory Lego machine you can design and print only the torso (body of the Lego minifigure), while waiting for the printing to complete you will be requested to go around the store and pick 4 Lego parts to your liking:

  1. Pick Lego minifigure legs.
  2. Lego head
  3. Lego hair piece or hat
  4. And Lego accessory

After you pick the pieces and the unique Lego minifigure factory is done, combine them together to make the ultimate personal minifigure.

And that is the Lego minifigures factory experience.

You are getting a personalized minifigure by your own creation and design plus a lovely activity.

In my own personal experience, it’s a neat idea that can be made into a sweet and personal gift, and its one of the best gifts a Lego fan can get .


How long does it take to make a Lego minifigure factory?

It all depends on the design processes and how long it’s going to take you to send it to be printing, on average expect between 10-20 minutes from start to finish.

Can you print the whole Lego minifigure?

No, you are able to decorate and design only the minifigure torso in the process, the rest of the parts are picked from across the store.

How much does the Lego minifigure factory cost?

The price for printing your own Lego minifigure will cost you around $15 USD, but prices may change depending on your country.

Can you order Lego minifigures online?

No, the service of designing and printing the Lego minifigure is only available at official Lego stores.