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How to Clean Lego Pieces

In this guide we are going over the ways to clean up your Lego pieces (Lego bricks).

Cleaning Lego with Water – Best Practices and What to Avoid

In order to best clean Lego pieces you need to wash them with room temperature water, in a small bowl or a container. You can use a cloth or a soft sponge to remove any extra dirt if needed.

Warning about using water to clean Lego!

Avoid using hot water on Lego parts to prevent damages that might affect the quality of the parts (under 104 Fahrenheit or 40 Celsius).

Another important tip when cleaning Lego bricks:

If you are about to wash them in a tub or a sink, remember to close the draining valve, so they won’t get into the drainpipe.

How to Clean LEGO

Using Soap or Detergent to Clean Lego

In case you want to give the Lego piece a bit of a shine, you can add soap or cleaning materials to the water in order to make sure the Lego is squeaky clean.

Just remember: After the Lego soapy wash, rinse them again with clean water.

Drying Your Lego Pieces

Avoid using a washing machine or a dishwasher, it can affect the Lego condition and damage it.

Using Oven, hair dryer or microwave to dry Legos are also a no-no! If Lego bricks get too hot it will cause the Lego to melt.

How to Properly Dry Lego After Wash

To dry Lego pieces in the best possible and safest way use towels. After the Lego washing processes, spread the towel on a table and place the pieces to dry.

Place the Legos to dry in a room with a nice breeze and in an hour or two it will be fully dry.

Warning! Do not place the Lego pieces to dry under the sun, it can cause discoloration over time.

Can you Put Full Built Lego Sets into the Wash?

No, by placing the entire Lego set into wash and dry, will not clean all the pieces just the outside area. Furthermore, the water will get inside small creeks and will definitely not dry.

To clean Lego the best way, you will have to break all the pieces apart, give them a nice wash and rebuild the set after it’s dried

If you have a dusty Lego set on display, you may use a feather duster to clean the Lego model without taking it to wash or breaking apart.

Cleaning Special Lego Pieces

If you want to clean special Lego pieces you may have to take a bit of a special approach:

Cleaning Legos with stickers cannot be taken into a wash, the stickers will be damaged, peel and there will be no turning back after that.

To clean the sticker ones, you have to dust them by hand or clean with a tiny bit of water and make sure not to scrub the sticker area.

Ways to Dust Lego

Dusting LEGO With a Brush

If you have a dusty Lego set on display, you may want to remove the dust off of it from time to time. In order to do so you can use several different items:

  1. Makeup brush/paint brush – fluff the dust off the models by brushing the Lego models, this method can take longer but it will reach small sections of the model with ease.
  2. For bigger sections you can use a soft feather duster to puff the dust away.
  3. If the model is fragile, you can clean it with a small cloth to prevent the Lego from breaking.

With these methods you can keep your Lego clean off dust, without taking it to wash or breaking it apart.

Warning tip: do not use vacuum cleaner to dust off Lego, it will easily suck up small pieces and can damage your pieces.

Do you Have to Clean Lego Pieces?

It’s up to you. Cleaning Lego pieces will keep them in top shape and be more visually appealing.

Even if you don’t clean your Lego pieces, they will function just the same.

Now that you know How to Clean Your Lego Pieces you can keep your collection sparkly and shiny. It takes some work and effort, but you can do it once a year and it will be perfectly fine.

Keeping Legos inside plastic containers and other sorting systems will keep dust off your Lego for even longer.