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Lego Bird of Paradise Review (10289)

Lego Bird of Paradise 10289

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Lego Bird of Paradise Information Table:

Number of Pieces:1173
Set Number:10289
Release Date:June 2021
Hight:48cm (Adjustable)
Width:28cm (Adjustable)
Length:28cm (Adjustable)

Get to Know the Lego Bird of Paradise

The Lego bird of paradise is a decorative Lego set that takes the shape and design of an original bird of paradise plant.

This Lego flower set is one from the botanical collection models, showcasing a beautiful model of Lego flowers that will always stay in bloom.

What Are You Getting in a Lego Bird of Paradise?

In terms of value you get from the Lego bird of paradise, expect 3 lovely decorated bird of paradise flowers and a bunch of huge leafed flowers to spread all around the main flower attraction.

Compared to other Lego flower sets in the past, this bird of paradise Lego set has a great decorated stand to hold the flowers in place and show it in the best possible way.

Building the Lego Flowers Bird of Paradise Set

Getting the bird of paradise set together is easy and a bit repetitive, most of the model is leaf green and the 3 main birds of paradise flowers are basically the same, most of the challenge is to set the lovely flower vase base.

I didn’t experience any difficulty with this set whatsoever, except the repetitiveness this model has. I could see that the Lego company tried to make it as realistically as possible.

The total building pieces are 1173 and once the model is set and done, you could see the real beauty of this model, it is simply gorgeous looking as a display piece.

Should You Get the Bird of Paradise Lego Set?

Lego bird of paradise is a great gift idea for any botanical or plants lover, the set is easy and simple to build and it will surely be a splendid decorative piece on table, desks, shelves and even gardens.

This flower Lego set is a great pick for Lego collectors, fans and anyone looking to get a little bit of paradise into his room.

If you are looking to buy the Lego birds of paradise model number (10289), you can use the link below and get it for yourself.