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Lego Vespa Review (10298)

Lego Vespa 10298

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Lego Vespa Information Table:

Number of Pieces:1107
Set Number:10298
Release Date:March 2022

Get to Know the Lego Vespa

Lego Vespa is a classic vehicle Lego build of a vintage Vespa 125 model.

Build the classic motor wonder the Vespa model 125, with all the iconic features now in Lego bricks form.

The Vespa brand is an iconic and legendary motorcycle manufacturer, and with the joint efforts of the Lego company you can now relieve the classic Vespa model from the 60’s in a smooth and beautiful Lego display design.

What Are You Getting in a Lego Vespa?

When getting the Lego Vespa set, you will be building a fantastic light blue model of Vespa that comes along with a vintage Lego helmet and a box full of flowers, there are many fine details inside this Vespa 10298 model set, that will please any Vespa collector.

You will not get any Lego characters in this model set, but like many Lego vehicle designs it’s meant so that the actual vehicle is the main focus.

Building the Lego Vespa Set

Getting the Vespa Lego set together is an easy and fun activity, the motorcycle design is easy to build with many different shapes that makes this Vespa model so smooth and nice looking on a shelf.

On average it took me several hours to finish building the set,  and as you build the Lego Vespa I could find several really cool details hidden under the hood that made me appreciate this building experience even more.

You will be able to move the handle on top, play with the standing brake below, steer the Vespa model and place the flower and helmet in several places.

Should You Get the Vespa Lego Set?

Getting your own Lego Vespa collectable set is easy to recommend. If you are either a Vespa fan, vehicle or motorcycle addict or simply a fine Lego collector, you will surely find the Lego Vespa a great pick for your collection.

The light blue classic aesthetic the Vespa Lego has makes it a perfect display piece on a shelf or a cool centerpiece to talk about when showcasing your friend.

If you considering getting the Lego Vespa model set for yourself you can use the link below to get your own Vespa Lego.