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Lego Set Reviews

Interested in picking a cool Lego set for your brick collection. A nice Lego gift idea for family or friends. Or even a cool display piece made out of Lego bricks.

We got you covered, in this page you will be able to find all of our Lego set reviews and all the information needed to make your Lego purchase decision.

Below you can explore all of our Lego set reviews.

Lego Set Reviews and Information

How are we Reviewing Lego Model Sets

Let’s go over all the individual factors that we use for rankings, what we check in every Lego set before giving it a score:

Pricing compared to Lego piece ratio – is the piece count worth the asking price for the set? Can you find the Lego set for a cheaper price?

Building experience and fun factor for the model – is the Lego set suitable for kids or adults? How many hours of fun can you make out of building it? And is it actually fun or repetitive to build?

Set playability and integration with other sets – can you use the Lego brick pieces to build other interesting Lego designs? Is the model compatible with other Lego sets from the past?

Displayability and wow factor in the Lego set – is the set going to be a popular piece? How cool would this Lego model be on a shelf? Iconic Lego brand for specific fans?

All the factors mentioned above are some of the factors we take into consideration when rating our Lego set reviews.

New Lego Set Reviews

We will keep growing the Lego set review options over time, also giving you interesting Lego guides and tips for collectors.

If you have a specific Lego set you would like us to check and write about, you are welcome to get in touch and let us know.