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Can Legos Melt – Complete Heat Guide for Lego Pieces

In case you have a Lego collection you would like to display or some forgotten Lego pieces across your house and you are wondering to yourself Can Legos Melt? We got the answer just for you.

So, do Legos melt? Yes, they can melt or be damaged in specific occasions, below we will cover everything about Legos melting points and preferred storage solutions to prevent melting or deformations.

can Lego melt?

Lego Melting Point

If you are looking for some stats and accurate information, we got you a table that will explain what temperature does Lego melt at.

The Lego melting point degree table will explain what Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature will change your Lego state and condition.

Degree in FahrenheitDegree in CelsiusLego State
10037.7Perfect Condition
15065.5Weakening and Discoloring
20093.3Bending and Deforming

Now after we have the table information and stats laid out, let’s check some popular Lego threatening melting zones.

Can Legos Melt in a Hot Car?

Forgot your Lego set, or model in the car? That’s going to be fine, Lego pieces can survive the heat inside a car almost perfectly.

The car temperature on hot days can reach around 140 Fahrenheit or 60 Celsius, which means your Legos are going to be intact.

The potential threat of Lego pieces inside a car is the direct sun exposure that may create discoloration over time (detailed below).

Will Legos Melt in the Attic?

Usually, Lego stored in the attic is stored in a nice plastic bin or a shady shelf. Even when the attic temperatures rise to high degrees, you will not see the Lego pieces damaged at all.

On the other hand, placing Lego pieces under direct sun is a whole different story, let’s check below some of the effects of direct sun has on Lego pieces and will they melt.

Can Legos Melt in the Sun?

Lego lovers beware of the sun. when placing Lego pieces under direct sun you will soon start to see the effects on your favorite plastic pieces.

Depending on the temperature and sun exposure, Legos can start to bend under direct sun.

Even if not fully melting you will definitely see severe direct sun Lego discoloration and in some printed elements and stickers the design will be damaged first.

So before taking out your Legos on the outside to play, remember that this hobby is best suited for indoor activity.

How to Store Lego Correctly to Avoid Melting

Now that we have covered all the major Lego melting locations, we can start to think of optimal locations to store your Legos.

Casual Lego Collector

For the casual Lego collector or player, we would recommend sticking to the classic solution.

In most cases the Lego pieces are stored inside big Lego bins or boxes after the end of each play session, just place that box in a closet / drawer or a place that is not under direct sun.

Collectors Who Like Displaying Lego

Moving to Lego collectors who like to display the build models on shelves.

Because the models are in an open space all the time, make sure the display space is not in a hot room such as an attic. The main threat factor is the sun, check for any open windows and make sure there is no direct sunlight on your Lego models.

Having sunlight touching your Lego models for a long period of time will cause it a bit of discoloration and that’s a shame.

Just remember to keep the rays of sunlight away from the shelves.

Lego City or Modular Builders

The last kind of Lego collector is the modular builders, this is a form of both casual Lego play and displaying both in one.

Having a massive Lego build that is constantly expanding means you will need a big place to put all that Lego in.

To avoid Lego damaging or melting most Lego builders are using the basement as their modular city playground.

If you like to keep you Lego protected from the sun, you can buy some proper Lego storage options in the link below:


Now you know everything about Legos melting and handling. To sum the topic up in a quick and short sentence: Keep your Legos away from sun and fire and you should be fine for years to come.