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Lego Flower Bouquet Review (10280)

Lego Flower Bouquet 10280

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Lego Flower Bouquet Information Table:

Number of Pieces:756
Set Number:10280
Release Date:January 2021
Hight:36cm Max

Get to Know the Lego Flower Bouquet

Lego flower bouquet is a new take of the Lego company on a day to day household item that can be great pieces on display.

Almost every person on this planet has some kind of decorative green plant or flower in their house or outside. Getting a nice looking Lego house decoration that looks great in many forms and places is truly what makes Lego flower bouquet a hit.

What Are You Getting in a Lego Flower Bouquet?

In every Lego flowers 10280 model set, you will be getting an assortment of different Lego flowers to decorate in your own style.

There are 10 main Lego styled flowers to have, plus several green Lego leaves to complete the bouquet feeling.

One big downside to this Lego flowers set is that there is no display stand or vase for the flowers, so you will have to go and pick something to display the flowers in a nice way.

Building the Lego Flower Bouquet Set

Building the Lego flower bouquet is a simple and fun process that can be done by building bricks experts and new people outside of the Lego hobby.

The total building pieces are just around 756 and the building is relatively fresh, some of the Lego flowers have multiple copies which makes the build of this set a bit repetitive but necessary to create the real flowers feeling to this Lego set.

Should You Get the Flower Bouquet Lego Set?

The Lego flowers are a great pick for any Lego fan or even non Lego fans, this is one of the unique Lego sets which you can use as a substitute for real house decorations and it will actually be a great display piece.

The good thing of the Lego flowers they can be awesome gift ideas for many occasions:

Romantic gift for partner, house gift exchange, sweet gift idea for your mom, or any Lego collector.

This Lego flowers set has so much hidden value inside I would highly recommend picking it up when you get the chance.

If you are looking to buy your own logo Flower Bouquet you are welcome to use the link below and grab one for yourself.