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Lego Gift Cards

The ultimate guide about the Lego Gift cards

What is a Lego Gift Card?

A Lego gift card is a present you can send both in physical or digital form, the cards can be used in several Lego platforms to get any item available to them.

What are the Lego Card Types and How to Give Them?

When picking a Lego gift card as a present, you have two options to go with:

Lego physical gift card (wallet sized credit card)


And Lego digital e-gift card


Gifting the cards can be easily done by filing the instructions, with physical cards just adding the amount and quantity, the shipping address will be at the checkout process.

Gifting a Lego e-gift card can be done even faster: Select the amount to be charged at the card, fill in the name of the person you would like to gift to, and finally add their email address. When finishing the purchase processes, they will get email notification with the gift information.

On both cards you can add a short gift description or massage to add a little personal touch.

How to Redeem and Use Lego Gift Cards


If you are looking to use your new Lego gift card just follow the instructions below.

You have 3 options to redeem your Lego gift card:

Redeem Online:

The most common and easy way to use a Lego gift card is to go online to the official Lego website and start shopping.

Add the items you would like to get and upon the check-out processes fill in the gift card information.

Redeem by Phone:

You can use the Lego phone line to make purchases and get staff assistance on using your Lego gift card, at this number 1-866-371-7010

Redeem in Lego Store:

If you have a gift card, both physical or digital, you are able to go straight to one of many official Lego stores and spend it right there. Remember to bring the card with you or have all the necessary information (card number and pin code).

After you have used your Lego gift card, you may want to check from time to time what is the amount left inside, the next section will explain just that.

Checking Your Lego Gift Card Balance


In order to check your Lego gift card, balance you need to fill in only 2 details, one is the Lego gift card number (19-digit sequence). And the second one is the pin code located at the back of the card.

When putting these numbers in the official lego balance check you will get to know how many more brick points you have left to use.

How to Reload a Lego Physical Gift Card

If you want to add more Lego credit points to your card, simply go to Lego gift card reload section and fill in the necessary details:

  • Card number
  • Pin code of card
  • Amount to charge

You are able to charge anywhere from $10 – $500 in one reload transaction.

Once done you will get an email notification from Lego, notifying you about the finished transaction.

Please note: reloading Lego e-Gift Cards. Paper gift certificates and electronic gift certificates will not be able to be constantly reloaded with more money. Only physical Lego gift cards!


The minimum and maximum Lego gift card charge?

You can use anywhere between $10 to $500 for the gift cards.

What are the places to spend Lego gift cards?

You can use the gift cards at Lego physical stores, or the Lego website.

Can you use Lego gift cards at Legoland?

No, only at certified Lego stores and online.

Can Lego gift cards expire?

No, the cards and their value inside remain the same regardless of time or year, which makes them so great.

Can I restore a Lego e-gift card email?

Yes, you can if you lost the mail with the card information just call the Lego support at this number: 1-800-453-4652

Can I use multiple Lego gift cards in one purchase?

Yes, you can use up to 3 cards in one single order which makes it go up to $1500 if they are full.