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Lego VIP Points

Lego VIP is a membership which lets you get more by buying official Lego products at stores. The Lego VIP service lets you enjoy special discounts, exclusive Lego sets, special promotions and more.

VIP LEGO points

How Does it Work?

If you ever wondered what Lego membership does then let me explain, the Lego VIP membership allows you to collect VIP Lego points every time you purchase any official Lego product from their registered stores or online.

For every $1 you spent you will receive 6.5 VIP points to your account, in terms of money you will get at least 5% money back as Lego VIP points for future purchases.

Now that you are able to get points to your account, check below what you can get from being a member.

What do You Get From Being A Member?

The benefits of being a Lego VIP member are something every dedicated Lego fan should have. If you are already buying Lego ,why not get more from it?

As mentioned before, Lego membership points can be used in several ways:

  1. Points can be used to claim exclusive Lego sets, usually small and unique items only available for VIP members.
  1. The points can be redeemed to get discounts on new Lego set purchases.
  1. VIP members get mail notices on newly released sets, and get the chance to pre-order Lego before anyone else.
  1. VIP points can be redeemed for Legoland tickets or participation in special Lego events for VIP members only.

How to get a Lego Loyalty Program

Simply go to the official Lego website and create a user or connect to your existing one by signing in, after that you are a Lego member, with the option to collect points and even write reviews on the official Lego site.

To claim and use your Lego points you will have to go into your account and visit the “Rewards Centre”.

Chart for Lego VIP Points and Currency Value

Lego vip points worth chart

Below you can check the worth of Lego VIP points in various currencies:

1 Australian Dollar4.5 points
1 British Pound Sterling8 points
1 Canadian Dollar5 points
1 Czech Koruna0.30 points
1 Danish Krona1 point
1 Euro7.5 points
100 Hungarian Forint2 points
1 Mexican Peso0.35 points
1 New Zealand Dollar4 points
1 Norwegian Krone0.75 points
1 Polish Zloty1.5 points
100 South Korean Won0.55 points
1 Swedish Krona0.75 points
1 Swiss Franc6.5 points
1 US Dollar6.5 points

Should You Use a Lego VIP Membership?

To sum it up Lego membership is a great rewards system for any Lego fan, the membership is totally free and the points earned can be used to get discounts and free exclusive stuffs.

The membership is active as long as you keep buying and using points in the duration of a year and a half, so even if you are getting one Lego set per year it is worth to have it.

From my personal perspective, I enjoy using the Lego VIP membership. I find myself buying Lego gifts at least once per year for friend or family, and the membership points helped me save quite a bit over the years.

Lego VIP FAQ’s

Is LEGO VIP membership free?

Yes, just login or create a new Lego account and start gaining points.

How much are Lego reward points worth?

Each Lego point have different value, depending on the currency used, you can check the full table chart for the points value.

How many VIP points is a dollar?

In terms of USD, you will have to collects 6.5 Lego VIP points for a value of 1$.

How long do LEGO VIP points last?

If you keep your Lego account in use, they can last forever! Keep in mind that in order to keep your Lego account in use, you will have to be gain or redeem points in the duration of 18 months.