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Lego Grand Piano Review (21323)

Lego Grand Piano 21323

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Lego Grand Piano Information Table:

Number of Pieces:3662
Set Number:21323
Release Date:November 2020

Get to Know the Lego Grand Piano

If you always wanted to own a piano in your house, now is the perfect chance. With a Lego grand piano you will be building a fully functional piano model that can be interacted with and play music on its own using a Lego app.

What Are You Getting in a Lego Grand Piano?

The Lego grand piano comes with a Lego motor to operate the entire model (playing on its own when working). You will get 3662 Lego pieces (most are black), with them you are going to build an amazing grand piano that looks really similar to an actual piano.

The set will have its own pianist moving chair, hammers and strings like real pianos and of course the main detailed piano Lego.

With the set you will get a small notebook to display and show you the 20 melody and songs collection from the Lego app.

Building the Lego Grand Piano Set

Building the Lego piano is a unique experience like no other set before it, you will use all the 3662 brick pieces to create an actual piano.

Not every day you are able to build a fully functional piano with Lego pieces, and most of the steps are actually really fun to do.

As you get the grand piano Lego together you will uncover the magic behind it, with 25 functional piano keys to play with and a cool Lego motor to power the entire model, it is truly something cool to experience. 

Should You Get the Grand Piano Lego Set?

If you are a fan of music, classical instruments or just love a cool looking Lego centerpiece to decorate your house with, this is the set you should own.

The Lego grand piano is a medium sized Lego with several many functional tricks to play with (just like a real piano), the whole set can be connected to the Lego app and with that make the piano play on its own!

Very cool display item with a classic touch to it, very true to an original grand piano.

You can use the link below to get your own Lego grand piano model set 21323, and get the music going.