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Lego Typewriter Review (21327)

Lego Typewriter 21327

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Lego Typewriter Information Table:

Number of Pieces:2079
Set Number:21327
Release Date:June 2021

Get to Know the Lego Typewriter

Lego typewriter is one of Lego ideas sets that became an instant hit. The Lego typewriter is a simple and realistic model of a classic typewriter from the late 1980’s.

Joining other Lego idea models this typewriter machine has some unique mechanics and realistic feeling to it, combining both playability and smooth design.

What Are You Getting in a Lego Typewriter?

When getting the Lego typewriter you will get a lovely and realistic design of a typewriter to put on display.

Included with this set you will get a small book with letters from the Lego company, these letters can be ripped and loaded into the Lego typewriter for a cool display idea.

The notebook comes with many translated versions of the same letter, so it’s cool to see they took the time and thought of doing such a thing.

Building the Lego Typewriter Set

Getting to build the Lego typewriter is a delight. This Lego model set 21327 has so many different and interesting building mechanics gone into its design, with a total of 2079 building bricks.

I really liked the way this typewriter design implements the best of Lego technic with normal Lego bricks.

The functionality of typing on the keyboard and seeing the bar with the paper move makes the whole model much more realistic and surprising.

Should You Get the Typewriter Lego Set?

Definitely yes! If you are able to get this awesome Lego set I would highly recommend it, the build mechanic inside is complex yet very fun to do.

Many people would find the Lego typewriter a great display and classic model to put on a shelf. Anyone with an office space, love for vintage machinery, or writing expert would find this Lego set appealing.

If you are looking for a great gift idea this one should definitely be on your list!

You can use the link below to get your own Lego ideas products and start with the fun.