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How to Sort, Store and Organize your Lego Pieces

So, you have a big Lego collection, and you want to sort and organize it, you just arrived at the right place! This is the ultimate guide on how to sort and organize Lego.

Although generations have appreciated playing and building Lego sets, over time they may have created chaos and clutter the surfaces in your house. Today we are going over some great Tips from a professional organizer and a Lego fan on how to sort, store and organize your Lego bricks.

How to Sort and Organize Lego Pieces

Sorting and Organizing Lego Pieces:

Organizing Option #1 – Sort by Piece Type

From small to big, if you are looking to find a Lego piece you will definitely know how to get it. This Lego organizing step is not an easy one, organizing Lego by piece type usually comes when you have a massive Lego collection and you are used to building very specific models, or city designs by your own imagination.

Getting Legos sorted by piece types can save you hours of searching because you always know where to look for each specific piece.

The minus point of it, is the time it takes to sort everything separately and the specific sorting materials or drawers that take up a hefty space in your building’s Lego room.

Organizing Option #2 – Sort by Color

One easy way to organize your Lego pieces is to sort them by their colors, this method is relatively easy and not as time consuming as the other options.

The main plus side of this Lego organizing method is the fact that all of your Lego is easily distinguished.

If you are about to build a Lego model with many gray bricks, you know exactly where to go.

The minus of this method comes when you have a huge pile of the same common color such as black, there may be several small pieces that will be harder to locate and find inside this colored Lego pile.

Organizing Option #3 – Sort by Set Instructions

Organizing Lego by their original instructions means even if you choose to break a pre-existing model set, you will always be able to rebuild it with ease.

Other than that keeping Lego sorted by set designs is not so recommended for freestyle Lego building.

This Lego organizing method is only recommended to people who like to keep the original set designs in as they are outside the box.

Organizing Option #4 – Sort by Theme

Organizing Lego by theme has several benefits to it, sorting Lego by theme may be the best way for you to reimagine and enjoy Lego free style building.

For example, if you are about to build a Lego castle scene or model, you can easily access all of your Lego castle themes and minifigures in one place, which makes the whole building experience much more fun.

This Lego organizing method is highly recommended for people who like to play and build Lego scenes.

The Best Ways to Store Lego Pieces

Storage Option #1 – Plastic Boxes / Storage Containers

Who is it good for: casual Lego builders, kids, and small Lego collections.

This Lego storage style is the most common and easy to do, simply put, take a big container / box and gather all the Lego in one big pile.

The plus side, it is very easy and so many kids can finish building Legos and put everything in an organized way very quickly.

The minus side of it is that everything is in one place mixed together. By putting Lego in one storage place, it will take hours of searching for a specific piece as your collection is getting bigger

Light colored or transparent containers will make it easier to see the small pieces at the bottom and find what you are looking for.

Storage Option #2 – Mini Drawers and Trays

Who is it good for: Lego pro builders, modular Lego fans and big Lego collection owners.

Getting Lego stored in small drawers or trays can make building Lego much more organized and faster than going over boxes of random Lego bricks. This method is the best way if you are a modular Lego builder with piles of Lego bricks.

The downside of this is that it will take much more space, and the initial organizing processes can take hours to do so. Even when finishing a building session, it will take more time to sort everything back to its place.

Storage Option #3 – Transparent Begs

Who is it good for: Lego sets collectors, and small collections of Lego

Getting Lego separated in hard plastic bags or Ziplock bags is one of the cheapest ways to store Lego pieces.

Getting Lego stored in bags is basically used to gather Lego sets in their original form from the box.

Instead of looking for hours in your Lego collection for the right Lego pieces to complete a Lego instruction, you can simply go to your stored Lego bag, and you know all the right pieces are in one place.

The downsides are the bags may deteriorate over time and rip apart and building for fun (freestyle Lego building) is even less comfortable than a box or container.

Great Lego Storage Items to Buy

lego storage idea

The Ultimate Way to Sort and Organize Lego Pieces and Bricks

Be warned this method comes from an OCD Lego organizing person who takes organizing Lego’s to the next level.

Let’s go over the steps to do so:

  1. Start by sorting all of your Lego by color types
  2. Follow that by gathering every similar brick together (while keeping the color separation)
  3. Find small and easily accessible drawers or trays to hold everything together in compact way
  4. Get every unique and odd Lego shape in super detailed compartments for you to see.
  5. Now you should have every Lego in your possession sorted by shapes, colors and is easily accessible from anywhere

Bonus Lego Organizing Tips:

Keep special Lego printed pieces in one place. You can do the same for sticker ones.

In case there are odd loose pieces, try to get them by their theme or size, this will let you remember their location much more easily in the future.


You can gather small Lego flames, with big Lego flames and Lego candle mini flames.

Lego coins, money and diamonds with treasure chests.

Showcase Your Favorite Lego Sets and Creations

A big part of Lego is to enjoy and play with it, if you choose to keep all of your Lego in a box or drawer it will basically sit there untouched.

Try to enjoy the hobby and present your favorite Lego on a shelf or a table.

Don’t overdo it! Make it clean and simple to make your creation pop out better.

Hopefully now you know exactly how to sort, store, and organize Lego. If this guide was helpful for you, please share it with your friends, family and Lego lovers groups.