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Lego Seinfeld Review (21328)

Lego Seinfeld 21328

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Lego Seinfeld Information Table:

Number of Pieces:1326
Set Number:21328
Release Date:August 2021

Get to Know the Lego Seinfeld

Lego Seinfeld is based on the mega sitcom hit show “Seinfeld”.

Get together with the iconic Seinfeld characters: jerry, elaine, George, Kramer and even Newman, at the newest Lego ideas set experience for collectors and fans of the show.

What Are You Getting in Lego Seinfeld?

Except for the 5 main characters, you will build the iconic Seinfeld stage with Lego bricks, get to play with the iconic tv-show house of jerry, just like the tv-show set.

The house of Jerry Seinfeld has all the main areas you come to expect from the show, the kitchen, living room, and the iconic main front door.

This amazing Lego ideas Seinfeld set holds many Easter eggs and fun secrets for fans of the show. I don’t want to spoil them all but as you build this collection set you will have a smile of two watching the decorative pieces and iconic moments from the show as Lego bricks.

Building the Lego Seinfeld Set

Getting this Lego ideas Seinfeld set to a completion is pretty easy.

This Lego set has 1326 bricks to build and the overall difficulty is simple and very understandable.

The overall Lego set is not the tallest of repetitive like other sets, which makes the building processes fun and refreshing.

The amount of brick pieces comes from the small and fine details of this set, which in my opinion gives the Seinfeld Lego set much more personality.

Should You Get the Seinfeld Lego Set?

The Lego Seinfeld is fun and easy set to build, if you want to get one for yourself i would go for it if you are one of three things:

  • A fan of the Seinfeld tv show
  • Cinema and movies fan
  • Lego bricks collector

The Seinfeld Lego experience has a unique feeling to it, the Lego staging atmosphere and comedy stage let you mimic and play your favorite Seinfeld moments.

Overall a successful and interesting set by the Lego company.

If you are looking to buy your own Lego Seinfeld collection set, you can use the link below.