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Lego Titanic Review (10294)

Lego Titanic 10294

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Lego Titanic Information Table:

Number of Pieces:9090
Set Number:10294
Release Date:November 2021

Get to Know the Lego Titanic

Lego Titanic is a realistic looking model of the titanic ship in Lego bricks.

This Lego set 10294 is actually one of the largest Lego sets ever made, and it is massive in scale!

What Are You Getting in a Lego Titanic?

In this Lego titanic you will use 9090 pieces to build an actual replica of the titanic ship from bricks, the set has no minifigures and it only comes with a little titanic name tag stand for display next to the model.

The titanic Lego ship is built on 6 Lego brown stand pieces that will elevate the ship model a bit higher.

This is a magnificent model for display, in the next section we will check what it takes to build the Lego titanic set.

Building the Lego Titanic Set

Don’t let anyone fool you, building close to 10000 Lego pieces is not an easy task, even for an expert Lego builder. The instruction manual is huge, and it will definitely take you a couple of days to get into the finished model.

The set is recommended for mature Lego builders with some experience and desire for building.

The process of building the ship is a bit repetitive in some cases, but the overall brick model is very well designed.

When it comes to the fine and small details of the ship, this is where I have my doubts, the outside area of the ship is very pleasing to the eye, and the amount of details is lovely from close up.

The model is split into 3 sections that combine together to create the full ship.

When going into the insides of the titanic ship, you will see all the ship floors, due to the scale of the ship, the small details such as rooms, tables and areas really don’t pop up, and just look like generic Lego pieces.

Should You Get the Titanic Lego Set?

I would recommend this Lego titanic set to a few dedicated Lego fans, and sea lovers.

This is a huge set to build, and it does look very impressive as a display item on a shelf or a table. But with its price point, and complex long building times it is definitely not for anyone to try.

Lego titanic is currently one of the biggest Lego sets ever made, and it is another step into making real life items into Lego models.

If you are looking to get your own Lego titanic set number 10294 you can use the link below and grab one for yourself.